Interface DefaultEdge<Data, CustomEvents, Type>

Type Parameters



animated?: boolean

Animated edge

ariaLabel?: null | string
class?: string | ClassFunc<GraphEdge<Data, CustomEvents, string>>

Additional class names, can be a string or a callback returning a string (receives current flow element)

data?: Data

Additional data that is passed to your custom components

deletable?: boolean

Disable/enable deleting edge

events?: Partial<EdgeEventsHandler<CustomEvents>>

contextual and custom events of edge

focusable?: boolean

Disable/enable focusing edge (a11y)

hidden?: boolean

Is edge hidden

id: string

Unique edge id

interactionWidth?: number

Radius of mouse event triggers (to ease selecting edges), defaults to 2

label?: string | VNode<RendererNode, RendererElement, {
    [key: string]: any;
}> | Component<EdgeTextProps, any, any, ComputedOptions, MethodOptions>

An edge label

labelBgBorderRadius?: number

Label Bg border radius

labelBgPadding?: [number, number]

Label Bg padding

labelBgStyle?: CSSProperties

Label Bg styles (CSSProperties)

labelShowBg?: boolean

Show label bg

labelStyle?: CSSProperties

Label styles (CSSProperties)

markerEnd?: EdgeMarkerType


markerStart?: EdgeMarkerType


selectable?: boolean

Disable/enable selecting edge

source: string

Source node id

sourceHandle?: null | string

Source handle id

style?: Styles | StyleFunc<GraphEdge<Data, CustomEvents, string>>

Additional styles, can be an object or a callback returning an object (receives current flow element)

target: string

Target node id

targetHandle?: null | string

Target handle id

template?: EdgeComponent

Overwrites current edge type

type?: Type

Edge type, can be a default type or a custom type

updatable?: EdgeUpdatable

Disable/enable updating edge

zIndex?: number

Aria label for edge (a11y)

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