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Interface FlowProps


  • FlowProps



applyDefault?: boolean

apply default change handlers for position, dimensions, adding/removing nodes. set this to false if you want to apply the changes manually

connectOnClick?: boolean

allow connection with click handlers, i.e. support touch devices

connectionLineStyle?: null | CSSProperties
connectionLineType?: ConnectionLineType
connectionMode?: ConnectionMode
defaultEdgeOptions?: DefaultEdgeOptions

does not work for the addEdge utility!

defaultMarkerColor?: string
defaultPosition?: [number, number]
defaultZoom?: number
deleteKeyCode?: KeyCode
edgeTypes?: { default: undefined | EdgeComponent<any>; simplebezier: undefined | EdgeComponent<any>; smoothstep: undefined | EdgeComponent<any>; step: undefined | EdgeComponent<any>; straight: undefined | EdgeComponent<any> } & Record<string, EdgeComponent<any>>

either use the edgeTypes prop to define your edge-types or use slots (<template #edge-mySpecialType="props">)

edgeUpdaterRadius?: number
edges?: Edge<any>[]
edgesUpdatable?: boolean
elementsSelectable?: boolean
fitViewOnInit?: boolean
id?: string
maxZoom?: number
minZoom?: number
modelValue?: Elements<any>
multiSelectionKeyCode?: KeyCode
noDragClassName?: string
noPanClassName?: string
noWheelClassName?: string
nodeExtent?: CoordinateExtent
nodeTypes?: { default: undefined | NodeComponent<any>; input: undefined | NodeComponent<any>; output: undefined | NodeComponent<any> } & Record<string, NodeComponent<any>>

either use the nodeTypes prop to define your node-types or use slots (<template #node-mySpecialType="props">)

nodes?: Node<any>[]
nodesConnectable?: boolean
nodesDraggable?: boolean
onlyRenderVisibleElements?: boolean
panOnDrag?: boolean

move pane on drag, replaced prop paneMovable

panOnScroll?: boolean
panOnScrollMode?: PanOnScrollMode
panOnScrollSpeed?: number
preventScrolling?: boolean

enable this to prevent vue flow from scrolling inside the container, i.e. allow for the page to scroll

selectNodesOnDrag?: boolean
selectionKeyCode?: KeyCode
snapGrid?: SnapGrid
snapToGrid?: boolean
translateExtent?: CoordinateExtent
zoomActivationKeyCode?: KeyCode
zoomOnDoubleClick?: boolean
zoomOnPinch?: boolean
zoomOnScroll?: boolean

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