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Interface NodeProps<Data>

these props are passed to node components

Type parameters


  • NodeProps



computedPosition: XYZPosition

absolute position in relation to parent elements + z-index

connectable: boolean

can node be connected

data?: Data

additional data of node

dimensions: Dimensions

dom element dimensions (width, height)

dragHandle?: string

drag handle query selector

dragging: boolean

is node currently dragging

id: string

unique node id

isValidSourcePos?: ValidConnectionFunc

called when used as source for new connection

isValidTargetPos?: ValidConnectionFunc

called when used as target for new connection

label?: string | Object | VNode<RendererNode, RendererElement, {}> | Component<any, any, any, ComputedOptions, MethodOptions>

node label, either pass a string or a VNode For example like this: h('div', props, children)) Object is just a type-hack for Vue, ignore that

nodeElement: HTMLDivElement

node DOM-element

parentNode?: string

parent node id

position: XYPosition

node x, y (relative) position on graph

selected: boolean

is node selected

sourcePosition?: Position

handle position

targetPosition?: Position

handle position

type: string

node type

zIndex: number

node z-index

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